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The best cookies are statement cookies 🍪

I declare 2020 is the year of the statement cookie. Now, what does that mean? It's not quite as prophetic as a fortune cookie, nor as digital as an internet cookie. No, a statement cookie is a representation of who I am as a person.

For the past few months, I've been on a journey to figure out what I want to do with my professional life. Easy question, I know, but what do cookies have to do with finding the purpose in what I do? Well, the same way some people have a signature recipe or signature style, I wanted to have a signature baked good. I want there to be something that is instinctively me when people see it (and eat it).

Some people are known for their coding skills or ability to speak confidently in public, and some are held among friends and family as go-to problem-solvers or sounding boards. I'm sure everyone has a person like this in their life: maybe your sibling is always the one planning parties, dinners, and other events because they're the best at keeping track of all details, big and small, or your friend is the go-to therapist among your circle because they're the best at listening and offering nuggets of advice. In any case, it likely took a great deal of practice and repetition to achieve recognition for their skills. Moreso, it requires you to put yourself out there in the world for everyone to see what you stand for. That's scary, especially if you're unsure of what you have to offer.

I don't yet know what it is that I'm known for professionally or personally. There were things in my middle and high school days that I was good at and everyone knew it, but I haven't figured out how to turn those abilities and passions into a full-time job. However, I know those bigger answers will not come immediately and will likely change and grow as time goes on. Instead, I might as well start somewhere smaller and more bite-size like cookies. I know I'm good at baking, and baking is meant to be shared, so why not start my personal branding off with something sweet? As the wise Cookie Monster once said, "C is for cookie, that's good enough for me."

📷: batch number ? of Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies (aka what I'm making my signature treat)

(P.S. All recipe credit goes to The Chunky Chef and their Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe which is right here: Try it, they're delicious!)

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