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Why making a food, travel, & photography blog is the right thing to do in my life.


It's December 2019, the end of a decade and the eve of a new one. The online world is saturated with everyone on it posting anything and everything. I'm in the process of finding a new job to replace the one I'm about to lose, and what do I decide to do? Join the internet and start a hodgepodge food-meets-travel-meets-photography blog, as if this hasn't been done before and this trend hadn't died out before this decade even started (Xanga anyone?).

Why do I want to blog? Honestly, it seemed like the perfect combination of what I considered to be some core parts of "me" that I want to capture somewhere:

1. I've always loved to travel, largely because it offers exposure to people you're not used to meeting, languages you're not used to hearing, sites you're not used to seeing, and cultures you're not used to experiencing. When you step out of your home bubble into the world, you uncover similarities and differences between you and what's out there, which I greatly believe provides a fresh perspective in life.

2. When I travel, I like to take pictures to capture my adventures for posterity. I'm still an apprentice when it comes to taking good shots, but I've got a lifetime to learn and grow. Also, as memory fades, pictures are eternal.

3. I also like to eat food, like most people, but I tend to gravitate towards the sweet things in life: I almost always have room for dessert (and I've also always had a love/hate relationship with my dentist on this particular point).

And finally, 4. I have a lot of thoughts about lots of things and many, many words to talk about said thoughts and things, so I should probably put them somewhere so they're not taking up space in my head anymore.

A slightly bigger, and more unknown, question then is: why start now? To which I answer, why not start now? Like I casually mentioned, I'm about to undergo some major changes in my professional life, which has prompted me to ask myself: what do I want to do with my life? Casual question, no big deal. If you can clearly answer this question, then congratulations: you're probably one of the few who can. I don't have a clear, neat answer, and I don't know if I will in the next few months, but what I do know is that I currently enjoy now, and likely will continue to enjoy, the four things I just mentioned and feel I should take this opportunity now to indulge those parts of me. Everyone needs an outlet, so this shall be mine. Plus, if not now, when?

Perhaps this will be something bigger in the future, or perhaps this will simply be an place for all the food pics and inner ramblings I don't know where else to put. We shall see. I guess that's the beauty of this day and age: no matter what you want to share, the internet will happily accept it all.

📷: Cupcake shop in Shanghai, China

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